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Why yes someone did make me mad today. 

Don’t fetishize my body type. Don’t dictate how I should feel about myself and how I should present myself to society in order to be deemed fuckable.


(via bodyposiprincess)

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    Can we all slow down and talk about how a ton of people (myself included) thought this was a parody when we first saw...
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    Sweetheart, if you want to be condescending or smug, it helps if you actually have something to be smug about:...
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    Adorable. Your debunking skills are one to be reckoned with. Not sure why you were arguing with me in the first place?...
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    How dare people have standards that don’t include you.
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    Didn’t you know that having standards and preferences are OPPRESSION? OP doesn’t have to worry about bathing and...
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    um, what. The way a person wants you to look such as being healthy and having personal hygiene is now a way people...
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    You are still missing the point and focusing on all the wrong things. How are you supposed to determine if someone is...
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