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Asker Anonymous Asks:
how much is treatment over the counter for pubic crabs
safespacenetwork safespacenetwork Said:

Nix Rinse is about $23-$25

and RID shampoo is about $20. You can find a coupon for a discount or if you have a savings card at CVS pharmacy.

The shampoo will kill the lice ebut not the eggs - so make sure to comb over it and whatnot :)

Make sure to check anybody who shares the same bed with you, and wash all of the bedding with hot water! (some people use bleach).

Treatment may be needed about a week later, and avoid sexual activities for a while 

It so seems that I am now in charge of this blog-the other mods have taken a rest.

Please bear with me, as I have limited free time,and limited access to my laptop.

I will be taking any suggestions of what you all will want to see on here -more or less of. Anything is very welcome here

Thank you

Asker Anonymous Asks:
If other anon sees this I wonder if theyd expand on how that blog was not inclusive? Been following it a long time and never seen anything like that BUT they don't show up on my dash much so I may have missed stuff and I'd like to know what. Thanks!
safespacenetwork safespacenetwork Said:

If anon could talk a bit into this? thanks

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I recently visited redefiningbodyimage blog, and found it was supposed to be a group that supports all, yet found it to be very negative and discriminatory, even in the way they answer asks/treat their visitors...I really would not say that that blog should be a part of the safe spaces network. sorry.
safespacenetwork safespacenetwork Said:

I’m on it

-thanks for giving me the heads up! I’m only a mod, so I don’t see so much what others post until I’m posting. I apologize deeply for that. I’ll remove it ASAP.



LGBTQ* Statistics And Graphs You Should See

Transgender Statistics (2012)

from No To Homophobia, Australia

(via jellybornagain)


long hair, dun care <3

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey, I was wondering if you could add some ADHD sites to your safe space list, since there aren't any up there.
safespacenetwork safespacenetwork Said:


I have ADHD, too. Resources on how to actually cope are rare. I feel ya :/

Click here


To answer your question, anon, the difference between sex and gender are simple

Your *biological* sex is what the doctor categorizes you as when he spanks you to life. (i.e.: “It’s a boy!” “It’s a girl!” “Your baby is intersex!”

Your gender is how you identify with yourself

(i.e.: Cisgender, transgender, genderqueer, and so on)


There’s a simple T shirt for you, too ;)


Asker Anonymous Asks:
the body positivity website consists of people who are trying to raise awareness that we should love our body but they only emphasis on those who are bigger in size. do people out there realize that there are those who are skinny because of their metabolism? i am so fucking sick of people wanting to change society's opinion on those who are bigger by being horrible about thin people i just need to get this across
safespacenetwork safespacenetwork Said:

Which body positivity website? I can totally understand why this would make you mad, it upsets me too.